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Store Policy

Customer Care

We strive to gain you're business and for our collector's to be 100% happy with Nickelcast... We never want our collector's to be unhappy with anything, you have a friend in us, you're not only a customer!

Privacy & Safety

We do not store any info on our server's at Nickelcast all info is stored securely on high security server provider's. All you're information is backed by some of the highest secure server's in the business! We have even gone the extra mile and have added extra paid protection to keep you're information private, probably over kill however we fill it's best to have more than not enough.  

Wholesale Inquiries

Thinking about buying wholesale? We can handle that however we will need some info to get you started.

Wholesale customer's can only purchase sealed case's wholesale.. This includes master case's and inner's

A few thing's you will need to provide:

State Resale Tax Number ( can't approve anyone without this )

County Business License ( not all will be required depends on you're location )

City Business License ( this may not be required depends on you're location )

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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